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We take a trip up Palm Beach to find a killer spot to cook up some Wagyu Beef sliders.

Wagyu Beef Sliders


  • Wagyu mince x750g

  • Brown onion x1

  • Garlic x1

  • Chilli x1

  • Tabasco x3teaspoon

  • Speck/bacon/prosciutto x300g

  • Bread crumbs x1 cup

  • Eggs x2

  • Parmesan cheese x200g

  • GARNISH: Tomato x1, Green apple x1, Pickled onion x1 jar, Rocket x200g, Horse radish x2 teaspoon, Aioli x1/2 cup


  1. With a micro plane grate onion, garlic, chilli and carrot Parmesan cheese into a bowl.

  2. To the bowl add beef mince, Tabasco, pork goodies, breadcrumb and eggs then with your hands give a really good mix.

  3. Place mix in fridge for half hour to let relax then roll in to beef patties.

  4. Garnish and place between your two favorite buns.

Wagyu Beef Sliders




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox