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Guy journeys deep into the Mexican jungle to find a Oaxacan specialty: the pasilla pepper. Join him as he samples the entire spectrum of mole, and spices up a dish of his own with this richly-flavored chile.

Huevos en Salsa


  • 2 onions, diced

  • 4 garlic cloves, sliced

  • 4 chorizo sausage, meat removed

  • 2 cups tomato, purée

  • 1 teaspoon Pasilla pepper, paste (or sliced Pasilla peppers)

  • 6 eggs

  • 2 herb bunches (garnish)

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil


  1. On medium heat add olive oil to pan, add diced onion and sliced garlic and fry till tender.

  2. Once tender add chorizo meat, break up with the back of a spoon and cook through.

  3. Add your Pasilla paste or sliced Pasilla peppers, then add tomato puree.

  4. Cook for 10-15 minutes till sauce has reduced a little and flavors have combined.

  5. Turn down heat, then crack in eggs one at a time and cook for 20 minutes till eggs are cooked.

  6. Serve with tortillas or bread.

Huevos en Salsa




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox