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A delicious hot Mexican fruit punch that is perfect on a cold night. Filled with sweet and tangy fruit flavors, this is one of our new favorite winter drinks.

Ponche Navideño


  • 12 Tejocotes (Ends cut off and scored)

  • 3 Cinnamon Sticks

  • 1 Cup Dried Hibiscus

  • 1 Sugar Cane (Peeled, and cut into 3 inch long pieces)

  • 8 Tamarind Pods (Shelled and fibers removed)

  • 12 Mexican Guava (quartered)

  • 1 Orange

  • 2 Tart Apples (Cut into large cubes)

  • 15 Dried prunes

  • 1 Cup Toasted Walnuts

  • 1 Cone Piloncillo

  • 3 Liters of Water (Divided)


  1. Wash fruit thoroughly

  2. Cut sugar cane and fruit carefully!

  3. Bring water to boil with tejocotes. Boil tejocotes for about 8 min

  4. With slotted spoon remove tejocotes and peel off skin with paring knife, and cut in half. Set aside.

  5. In separate pot boil remaining water. once boiled add hibiscus, let steep for 20 min

  6. In the big pot add piloncillo cone, sugar cane, cinnamon and tejocotes

  7. Simmer for about 15 min. making sure piloncillo is dissolved.

  8. Add hibiscus water, cut fruit, tamarind, prunes, and walnuts - simmer for 10-15 min.

  9. Adjust sugar to taste.

  10. Serve warm making sure to get fruit and nuts in each cup.

Ponche Navideño




Daily food & travel inspiration in your inbox