• 500g dried pappardelle
  • 85g unsalted butter
  • 100g freshly grated parmesan, plus more to serve
  • 1 black truffle, grate half and leave half for shaving at the end
  • 1 tbsp fresh parsley, finely chopped


  1. Cook the pasta in a big pot of boiling salted water for 2 minutes less than the packet instructions state. While the pasta is cooking, melt the butter in a large frying pan and add the parmesan. When the pasta is cooked add about 100 millilitres of the pasta cooking water, stirring to emulsify.
  2. Drain the pasta and toss through the sauce in the frying pan. Grate in a few rasps of truffle and add most of the chopped parsley. Stir and continue to coat in the sauce for a few minutes then divide onto serving plates. Sprinkle with some more parmesan and slice some fresh truffle over. Serve with the rest of the chopped parsley divided between the plates.