• 150 grams 70 percent dark chocolate
  • Gold lustre dust


  1. Split the chocolate into two parts, one part being 100 grams and the other 50g. Keep the 50 grams piece in one large block if possible.
  2. Melt 100 grams of chocolate over a bain marie until it reaches 46-48C.
  3. Take it off the heat immediately and add the remaining 50 grams of chocolate.
  4. Constantly stir the chocolate until it cools to 31C.
  5. Lay out two rectangles of bubble wrap next to each other.
  6. Pour the tempered chocolate over both rectangles, spreading it over the edges. Place one rectangle on topof the other and sandwich them together and leave to
  7. Set in the fridge for 15m. Once cooled, peel off the bubble wrap and coat with
  8. Gold lustre dust using a pastry brush.