• 3 x 9 inch vanilla sponges
  • 400 grams Buttercream
  • 1 pot of strawberry jam
  • Any sweets of your choice, making sure they are small enough to fit through the hole in the cake
  • Sweets or sprinkles for decoration


  1. Making sure the sponges are completely cooled, cut out a perfect circle in the middle of the cakes using a small circular cookie cutter. Make sure that the circles are in the same place on all three of the sponges. Reserve one of the cake cutouts for later. If the sponges have a slight dome in them, trim the tops off so they are flat and even.
  2. Start by laying the cakes with an even amount of strawberry jam and buttercream, making sure not to overfill the layers so the jam doesn't come out of the sides. It is easiest to spread them on different sides and then place one on top of the other.
  3. Repeat with the remaining sponge, making sure to turn the cake upside down so the bottom of the sponge is the top surface of the cake. Pour in the sweets you have chosen into the whole of the middle of the cake, make sure you really fill this up. When the sweets are at the top of the cake, top the cake with one of the reserved cake cut outs. Using a palette knife or something similar, evenly coat the cake in the remaining buttercream. If is best to do one evenly thin layer around the whole cake to coat it, and then a thicker finishing layer. Decorate the cake with the remaining sweets.