• 1.5 kg maris pipers
  • Oil for deep frying
  • Salt


  1. Wash your potatoes and give them a scrub. Divide the potatoes into 3 equal amounts and then cut into the shapes you want. Some very thin, be careful here. Some thick and then use the crinkle cutter to slice the final ones.
  2. Heat the oil to around 130. The chips will be fried twice so you need to cook them on a lower temperature to start in order to blanche them. Remove for the fryer after about 5 minutes, they should be softened but not too coloured.
  3. Repeat this with all the different chips, keeping them separate, and then turn the fryer up to 180. Once at temperature, refry the chips until crisp and golden, this should take a few minutes.
  4. Place all the chips onto kitchen roll to blot and remove excess oil. Season with plenty of salt and any sauces you fancy.