• 3 tins of coconut milk
  • 180 grams milk chocolate
  • Handful of pistachios
  • 180 grams dark chocolate
  • Handful of goji berries
  • 180 grams white chocolate
  • Handful of desiccated coconut
  • Handful of chopped hazelnuts
  • Few pieces of honeycomb


  1. Melt all the chocolates in different bowls on bain maries.
  2. Once all melted, holding a little of each chocolate back for later, mix each one with a can of coconut milk. Whisk together until totally smooth.
  3. Pour all the mixtures into separate moulds and place sticks in the middle of them as carefully as you can. Leave in the freezer to set for about 3 hours.
  4. Once the lollies are completely set, carefully remove them from their moulds and start decorating. Drizzle with the reheated leftover melted chocolate. This will enable the toppings to stick to the lollies. Move quickly as the melted chocolate will re-set, decorate the lollies in whatever combos you like, making them as fun and colourful as possible.