• 6 pre-made creme eggs or filled chocolate eggs
  • 12 white chocolate buttons
  • 18 orange chocolate buttons
  • 12 milk chocolate buttons
  • 400ml boiling water
  • Firm brown buttercream, for icing and piping
  • 50g melted milk chocolate


  1. Put the melted milk chocolate into a piping bag and cut a very small hole in the end.
  2. Make the eyes by laying out the white chocolate buttons and piping small dots in the centre of them with the milk chocolate.
  3. Pour boiling water into a jug and submerge a teaspoon in it.
  4. Wipe the teaspoon dry then use it to cut an beak from an orange chocolate buttons - repeat until you have 6 beaks.
  5. Pipe a small blob of buttercream onto your serving plate to hold the creme egg upright.
  6. Then position two orange coloured chocolate buttons at the front, as feet.
  7. Pipe buttercream on the back of the eyes and fix onto the chicks, then do the same to stick on the beaks.
  8. To finish, stick on the milk chocolate buttons as wings.