• 2-3 Kennebec potatoes (white starchy potato, idaho can also work)
  • 2-4 quarts oil for frying (grape seed, canola, sunflower, etc..)
  • 2 teaspoons chives
  • Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Heat up 2 quarts of high heat, flavorless oil
  2. Cut up potatoes into thin slices - the easiest way is to use a mandoline. This ensures very thin, even slices every time. Use proper care, as it is an exposed blade - when you get to about an inch left of potato, start on a new one
  3. Soak in water for a few minutes to remove the starch
  4. Strain and pat dry - you don't want water getting into your hot oil
  5. Add chips to the oil, regularly stirring so they don't stick together
  6. Remove when they've taken a nice golden color - bang off any excess oil
  7. Blot out the oil on a paper towel
  8. Season with a few fresh herbs, parsley, chives, thyme are a nice flavor mix. Finish with salt and pepper.