• 150 grams Ground Almonds
  • 150 grams Icing sugar
  • 150 grams Caster Sugar
  • 110 grams Egg Whites
  • 35 grams Water
  • Purple F
  • Ood Colouring
  • 1 Tub of Vanilla Ice Cream


  1. Sift the ground almonds and icing sugar into a bowl.
  2. Measure 55 grams of the egg white and mix in the purple food colouring. Pour this over the almond/icing sugar mixture.
  3. With an electric mixer, whisk the remaining egg whites on medium speed.
  4. While the egg whites are whisking away, take the caster sugar and water, and put them in a pan over a low/medium heat and boil until they reach 118C degrees.
  5. By this point the egg whites should be relatively thick but not yet have stiff peaks. Take the water/sugar mixture and slowly begin pouring it down the side of the mixing bowl as you continue to whisk the egg whites.
  6. Keep whisking until the meringue has stiff peaks and the bowl has cooled.
  7. Using a spatula, fold the 1/3 of the meringue into the almond/icing sugar mixture. Once incorporated, add the remaining meringue and mix to combine. Add more food colouring if you need a brighter colour.
  8. Add the mixture to a piping bag fitted with a regular round hole/1 centimeter nozzle.
  9. Pipe the mix onto a non stick baking sheet with a macaron template underneath.
  10. Once you've piped out all the mixture, give the tray 2-3 taps on the work surface just to knock out any air bubbles & leave the mix at room temperature for 30m.
  11. Turn the oven to 170C and bake the macarons for 12 minutes.
  12. Once cooked, transfer them to a cooling rack and don't touch them until they have cooled down completely.
  13. Take a scoop of ice cream and sandwich it in between two cookies. Flatten the sides with a spoon and then serve.