• 4 heaped tsp best quality instant gravy (or leftover gravy from a roast)
  • 1 tbsp marmite
  • 400g oven chips
  • 100g cheddar cheese, grated


  1. Preheat the oven to 200*C. Add the oven chips to a baking tray and cook as per packet instructions, typically 20-25 minutes.
  2. If using instant gravy, add boiling water to the powder as per the packet instructions (usually 280 millilitres). Add the marmite, taste to season and set aside.
  3. A few minutes before the chips are done, add them to a deep baking dish or pie dish, and cover with the grated cheese. Pop back in the oven for 2-3 minutes until the cheese has melted. Serve with marmite gravy.