1. Hack 1: Flatten out a cupcake case and cut a small cross in the middle, big enough for a straw.
  2. Place over your drinking glass and insert the straw.
  3. Hack 2: Cut a small slit into the middle of a cupcake case big enough for an ice lolly stick. Place the ice lolly stick through the slit to catch unwanted drips.
  4. Hack 3: Take off labels from old Tic Tac boxes and give the insides a clean.
  5. Add favourite seasoning to the boxes and re-label.
  6. Hack 4: Using a pair of scissors, cut off the top third of a clean bottle. Push the top of the open packet of treats you want to save through the cut top of the bottle.
  7. Once pushed through fold it over the rim of the bottle. Secure with the bottle lid to stop the treats going stale.
  8. Hack 5: Dampen 2 pieces of kitchen roll and lay them over your picnic sandwiches before covering with cling film to stop the bread from drying out.
  9. Hack 6: Arrange BBQ sides and condiments into individual sections of a muffin tray for easy access and cleaning up.
  10. Hack 7: Place your phone into a cup or tub to create a mini speaker for your music.