• 1 large pumpkin
  • 1 empty box wine bag, with a tap


  1. Slice the bottom off your pumpkin so that it stands up, tilting backwards slightly (the stalk will be its nose!)
  2. Slice off the top, towards the back - big enough for you to get your hand in
  3. Hollow out your pumpkin through this hole, removing all the seeds and stringy bits
  4. Start carving your pumpkin’s face - make a round hole, just big enough for the wine bag tap, underneath its nose for a mouth
  5. Carve its eyes and any other features
  6. Put your empty wine bag inside the pumpkin, from the top, and push the tap through the mouth
  7. Cut off the top corner of the bag and, with a funnel or from a bottle, slowly fill the bag with pumpkin punch
  8. Seal the bag firmly with a clip. Secure the lid on your pumpkin with cocktail sticks. Serve!