• Wagyu mince x750g
  • Brown onion x1
  • Garlic x1
  • Chilli x1
  • Tabasco x3teaspoon
  • Speck/bacon/prosciutto x300g
  • Bread crumbs x1 cup
  • Eggs x2
  • Parmesan cheese x200g
  • GARNISH: Tomato x1, Green apple x1, Pickled onion x1 jar, Rocket x200g, Horse radish x2 teaspoon, Aioli x1/2 cup


  1. With a micro plane grate onion, garlic, chilli and carrot Parmesan cheese into a bowl.
  2. To the bowl add beef mince, Tabasco, pork goodies, breadcrumb and eggs then with your hands give a really good mix.
  3. Place mix in fridge for half hour to let relax then roll in to beef patties.
  4. Garnish and place between your two favorite buns.